Waste Management Challenges & Catastrophes around the Globe

Waste management plays a very important role in help preserve our planet’s natural beauty. The waste management movement is oftentimes ignored by a considerable number of individuals claiming that they find little to no use of it. Some just leave the waste management task to the professionals and they are quick to conclude that these individuals are more capable in dealing with waste management matter compared to them. This adds to that extra layer of challenges to waste management advocate as they find it hard to effectively convey their message to the public. Let us discuss waste management challenges & catastrophes around the globe.

As mentioned earlier, convincing someone to come and join your cause can be quite a challenge especially since you will ask them a few minutes of their time. Waste management and its associated subject matter is not really something that would spark interest from the get go. As a result, it can a bit hard to start explaining waste management directly to them. With that being said, many were able to find success with their waste management movement when solid evidence and proof are show to them particularly in how the mismanagement of waste can directly affect our planet as a whole. This is where it can be a very good time to show them some of the Catastrophes around the Globe that is often the result of ignoring proper waste management.

A disaster struck at Love Canal which was a neighborhood in Niagara Falls, New York. The Love Hooker Chemical is famous for having buried 22,000 tons of toxic waste at Love Canal which coined the name “Love Canal Tragedy”. This lead to a number of health problems which include birth defects and many other anomalies.  All of this  was the result of the lack of proper waste management practice. This indeed holds true especially if you are dealing with dangerous chemicals and toxic waste. Proper disposal should be practiced to avoid contaminating the area around you.

Toxic wastes aren’t the only persisting problem that we are dealing with in the present. Water pollution is a serious concern that needs to be addressed as this can hurt our overall marine life. Dumping waste in the ocean proved to be very detrimental as it not only destroys them but also their inhabitants as well. Floods have also become more frequent which is often associated in how we deal with our waste. Our sewers and drainage become blocked more easily and many have found this to be the result of not disposing our wastes properly. Floods have become a global concern and catastrophe as it has taken the lives of countless number of people.

By informing others how these catastrophes could have been averted with the practice of proper waste management, one is able to encourage more people to help join the cause. This in return makes it much easier to spread the necessary awareness about waste management in the present.